I had absolutely no idea how you go about removing your child from the school system, and decided to look online for guidance. provides a detailed article on the process, which also includes deregistration from independent schools and the procedure for children with SEN. All I needed to do was to write a letter to the head teacher notifying him of my intention to withdraw Kai from school and to request that they remove his name from the register.


I bumped into the head on Monday and mentioned my plans to remove Kai from school. He was a little more shocked than I expected him to be and suggested that I come to see him on Tuesday morning.

D-day, 15.12.15

At my  meeting with the head he explained that he had notified the local authority(Schools apparently do not need written confirmation of your intentions before notifying the LA.) He advised that I needed to contact the LA directly and register with them. I informed him that I only needed to inform the school and that it was the school’s responsibility to notify them(see and he seemed happy enough with this.
Prior to submitting the deregistration letter,  I was unclear as to when a child was considered to be withdrawn. Looking at the deregistration letter (taken from education otherwise) it would appear that it takes immediate effect:

Dear [insert name of head teacher]
Re: [insert name of child + date of birth]

After careful consideration I/we have decided to withdraw my/our son/daughter from school in order to take personal responsibility for his/her education. Please delete his/her name from the register in accordance with Education (Pupil Registration) Regulation 8(1)(d) 2006, as he/she is now receiving education otherwise than at school.

Please will you confirm receipt of this letter and inform us of the date that our son/daughter’s name was removed from the register.

I wanted my son to have the opportunity to stay at school until the end of term, and so I asked for him to be withdrawn from the 18th December. The head advised that this was absolutely fine, but because of the upcoming holidays the deregistration would take effect from the first day of the new term, which would be  the 5th January.

So far it has all been pretty straight forward. I now wait to hear from the LEA.


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