Last Few Days At School!


Tomorrow will be Kai’s last day at school and the beginning of our home-school journey; though it really feels like we have started already. His teacher asked me today if I was still going through with it, which seemed a little strange. She also asked what I would do about work(again!). I explained to her that I had been thinking about home-educating Kai for a long time, and that this decision was not one that I had taken lightly. Too much hangs in the balance for me to be so fickle; work and money will sort themselves out. I have to trust that if I felt inspired to pull Kai out, then the means will be provided for us to eat and pay our way.

While I am pretty confident that I am making the right decision, I will miss the school. The staff are friendly and down to earth; the head is very accessible, and mixes well with the pupils and parents. Leaving on good terms gives me the added assurance that my motives are correct. Having issues with the school would have made such a decision very easy, but may have led to confusion down the line when I came to look at my real motives. During those times when things are really tough, I can always look back at my reasons for making this life changing decision as being based on my I love for my son, and a genuine desire to do what is best for him. This currently means educating him at home.

Tomorrow will be an interesting mix of emotions for both Kai and me: it will be an end( for now) of many years of schooling and many years of institutionalisation. From tomorrow we begin “deschooling,” to allow Kai time to adjust to being out of the school system and to allow his mindset to return to a more natural state. I can hardly wait!


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A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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