Finding Other Home-Ed’rs

Socialising or the lack of it has often been thrown at me when I mention home-education to people, and especially so being a one parent family. Making sure that both me and Kai have our emotional needs met is definitely high on my list of priorities.  I have recently found a lovely home-ed group that meets a short distance from where I live (The Magpie Home educators) which I discovered on the education otherwise site. We have attended one of their weekly Friday afternoon sessions and look forward to attending many more. Theirs is a small intimate group of around five adults and 5 children. The children play in hall or outside in the park. Many of the group members have been home-educating from the get-go; only one other parent has gone through the deregistration process and that child was at an independent school.
It was great listening to their different home-educating experiences: some are very strong advocates of allowing children to follow their interests, while others teach to a curriculum. It was comforting listening to them as they gave me advice and attempted to reassure me that home-educating wasn’t as difficult as I thought(not sure if this applied to single parents though!) and that the LEA wasn’t as scary as might be perceived. The general consensus being that we should accommodate them as much as is reasonable.
In addition to feeling supported, being attached to a group has the advantage of being a great source of information on home-ed related activities and other groups. Much of the information that I gained in one afternoon could have taken weeks, if not months, to acquire on my own trawling the internet or otherwise. To see if there is a group in your local area checkout education otherwise.

Other groups and activities:

atheletics at Lee Valley on a Wednesday and Friday morning, contact:
The Otherwise Club scheduled activities in history, latin, drama, please see website
Forest Group meet-up group in Epping Forest. Not much  info on this one
Jodo, contact
Hewow: Home education whats on and where, for general information on home-ed events( find on facebook)

Oh, a great online support group is the 



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