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Autonomous Learning and Boundary Setting

“A child free to play and enjoy themselves soon finds his passion.” SJ Hutson In addition to having the freedom to choose what to do, shouldn’t autonomous learners also be responsible for setting their own boundaries? Kai is happily enjoying … Continue reading

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Finding Our Way

It’s been just under three weeks since we began our home-education journey, and it’s been highly unpredictable, unnerving, and liberating, all at the same time. Many of the plans I initially had have gone out of the window: I have … Continue reading

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Single Parenting and Home-Education: Income Generation

Generating an income Prior to taking Kai out of school, I had a part-time job doing admin work. But my hours were being increasingly cut  until I realised my boss did not have the work to support me being there … Continue reading

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Single Parenting and Home-education, Part 1

There are a vast number of issues faced by single parents, and home-education makes things even more interesting. Therefore this post is slightly longer than usual and will be revisited. The main topics include: emotional support, socialisation and money. Who’s … Continue reading

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Finding an Educational Philosophy

Resistance to teaching As I listen more to what Kai wants, I come to realise that he utterly detests uninvited direct teaching and will do all he can to resist it. Sometimes it is a complete refusal,  such as  when … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Back at School, So What Should We Do?

Today was our first official ‘home-school day’ and Inspite of my plan to allow Kai to follow his own interests, I still found myself trying to ‘do school’ at home. I had maths sheets(printed the day before) prepared on the … Continue reading

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