Everyone’s Back at School, So What Should We Do?

Today was our first official ‘home-school day’ and Inspite of my plan to allow Kai to follow his own interests, I still found myself trying to ‘do school’ at home. I had maths sheets(printed the day before) prepared on the table the night before along with cursive writing sheets and a book on division.

The morning began well, Kai was up  washed and dressed before 8 am and with no prompting (working hard to get a ps-vita game console for his birthday) .He suggested starting on the maths sheets before breakfast which filled me with a great sense of pride.
Before staring on the maths there was some incidental learning on em dashes, bizarely, following on from a discussion about dashes in the Half-Blood Prince ( Harry Potter). I had to use a grammar book to help me out with that one. Kai then went on to his maths sheets, while I lay on the bed thinking that we had the morning covered. But of course things did not go quite as planned. After one sheet of addition he’d had enough. I suggested that he look at the division book, but he said he wasn’t ready to do that. Ok, I  thought, let’s try some handwriting practice.” No mummy.” Instead he decided to make a puppet theatre from the rainy day craft book and was preoccupied with that for half an hour until he got bored of it.

I coerced Kai into doing some spellings from an Usborne book he had picked up this morning. He was happy enough to do this,  as there only being three on each page. I tried to persuade him to do some grammar (from Language Lessons for a Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise), again, not interested; preferring instead to playing with his lego. I gave up at this point and decided to watch him  absorbed in building a lego dinosaur ever so meticulously. After about an hour of Lego Kai did eventually agree to do some grammar. Somehow, we managed to make a rather tedious lesson on ‘the state of being’ verbs quite fun: making a tongue twister from ‘am , are, was , were, be,  being and been.’  We had a lot of fun with this.

Note to self: try harder to allow things to flow naturally rather than trying to control everything!


About SJ

A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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