Single Parenting and Home-Education: Income Generation

Generating an income

Prior to taking Kai out of school, I had a part-time job doing admin work. But my hours were being increasingly cut  until I realised my boss did not have the work to support me being there and I left. Since then we have been living on the money that I get from my lodger, child benefit and child tax credits, which means that we don’t have lots of money but we manage. While we could live happily enough with the income that we have, I, like anyone, would like to be in a position where I could go shopping without adding up the contents of my basket before I get to the till.

Looking for work from home opportunities

The nuts and bolts of it are that I need to find some work that gives me the freedom to home-educate. There are numerous resources online regarding work-from-home, including on-line surveys and the like.  I enjoy writing and so it makes sense to monetize this skill.  It is important to me that I concentrate on something that I enjoy doing. Writing also appeals because it’s an invaluable skill that will always be required; It’s a great form of expression; there are minimal costs involved: you can invest in yourself by improving your grammar and punctuation . The key is the ability to write great content—which is free. Writing can be done from anywhere: at home, in the park or as far as Timbuktu. I love the freedom that a writing career would offer: the ability to live life on my terms and to work from anywhere in the world. A good  blog I read dedicated to single parents is with lots of information on starting out as a freelance writer.
I will be posting regular updates on my attempt to generate an income—watch this space!


About SJ

A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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