Sorry it’s Been a While

I haven’t written any posts in a few weeks (months?) due to the ridiculous position I’ve put myself in.  In addition to being a lone parent and a home-educator, I decided to register as a late entrant for a maths AS level re-sit; like I don’t already have enough on my plate with the blog and being on demand 24-7 to a very active 9 year old. Anyway, I seem to have a penchant for over-complicating my life, so let’s see how it all pans out.

The last few months have taught me the importance, no, the absolute necessity of learning to prioritise my life. I must remember those 6 ½ hours a day I had when Kai was at school are no longer available to me, and trying to squeeze hours of work into a day when I’m expected to be a hands-on mum just isn’t really fair on Kai, or is it? What else are you meant to do as the sole breadwinner? My ability to multitask has been stretched to the very limit: it is now very rare for me not to completely toast or slightly burn a meal, but thankfully, Kai often steps in and regularly sets a timer when I’m cooking.

Putting first things first

Getting back to the importance of setting priorities, I have to accept there are a number of things that perhaps I would like to do, but cannot. Kai has to be the first priority and then after this follows core goals that reflect what I REALLY want and making sure we have food to eat and a roof over our heads.

Writing for less than I’m worth-is it worth it?

Another reason for my lack of activity on the blog has been because I have been searching for online work. A few months ago I applied to a content mill (companies that pay people to write content on behalf of clients) to write online content. I had to go through an assessment process and finally received notification that I had got through. I felt quite chuffed about this, until I say how much the average pay was: for 200-300 words a writer would be paid 2.83 euros.

I have not put a link to Textbroker’s site because I do not want to support them. Most writers work extremely hard to produce the content that they supply to these companies, and they should therefore be paid accordingly; €2.83 is not an acceptable payment writing 400 words on an article which requires hours to research and then the creativity to put something together which could then be rejected, and yes, that could mean no pay. Is it really worth it?­ Hell no!




About SJ

A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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2 Responses to Sorry it’s Been a While

  1. Tara says:

    Fab blog, Im researching home ed for my little man. I think its wonderful you are sharing your experience x

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