Things That Make Me Happy!


words on happiness

40 Things that make me happy( not really in order):

Feeling particularly crap one day I decided to write down a list of a all the things that make me feel good. I figured that if I could find a way to do these things more often then I would probably feel happier more of the time. Make sense?

  1. Taking time to pray/meditate
  2. The Idea of doing water sports (have had the idea to do this for a while)
  3. Listening to music that resonates with my soul
  4. Earning money for producing/giving something of value
  5. Spending time with people who are happy, open minded and positive
  6. Eating good wholesome food
  7. When my home is clean and tidy
  8. Going to new places
  9. Seeing wildlife in natural habitats
  10. Being in nature
  11. Learning a new song on the guitar or piano
  12. Playing the guitar
  13. Being near water
  14. Drinking in moderation, or not at all????
  15. Feeling good about myself: mind, body and spirit
  16. Being pampered; having a massage…
  17. When I don’t have too much sugar
  18. Self acceptance
  19. When I eat in moderation
  20. When my hair looks good
  21. Being nice— when I’m nice people are nice back.  I always appreciate a smile, especially when I’m feeling low. So I try to place as many positive deposits in the banks of life when I feel good, in the hope that I’ll be able to take out a withdrawal every now and again. 🙂
  22. Going with the flow of life
  23. Writing from the heart
  24. Having “me” time
  25. Being creative— there’s nothing quite like feeling that spark of inspiration and following it wherever it may lead…
  26. Going to bed before 11—When I sleep well everything else generally falls into place. As a home-educator this should probably be at the top of the list; absolutely crucial, but yet something I still struggle with
  27. Being in credit–being overdrawn always makes me feel bad. It’s a reminder of my poor financial status; if you’ve got money you don’t need to borrow it!
  28. Paying my bills on time— When I have money my bills get paid; paying bills on time makes me feel organised and in control. It also has a positive impact on my credit rating
  29. Warm sunny days—feeling the sun on my skin has got to be of my all-time simple pleasures
  30. Watching Kai immersed in his passions
  31. Seeing my son happy
  32. Solving a puzzle            
  33. Being in a loving relationship with the man of my dreams
  34. Going on adventures with my son, especially going to the seaside
  35. Being free to come and go as I please
  36. The Idea of owning my own home
  37. Becoming a jaw dropping guitarist
  38. Having a passive income
  39. Travelling around the UK, Europe and eventually the world
  40. The Idea of having a farm or smallholding

Bit by bit I have begun to incorporate as many of these (that are in my control) into my life as possible. And yes, I do feel happier. Not only that, my life has begun to improve in so many ways: I’m gradually becoming intolerant to things that make me unhappy; I’m learning to love me even when I make hideous mistakes, and I’m challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone, because that’s where many of life’s real treasures lie.

 When you say yes to life, life says yes to you! (Louise Hay)





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A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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