The Problem with Food

someone eating messily

After a few health issues( exhaustion and inflammation in my bowel) I have become a lot more aware of what I put in my mouth. I read an excellent book by Dr Frank Lipman called ‘ Revive: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again’.  He really opened my eyes as to the extent of toxins in our foods and the existence of safe food lists which we can use to take back some control over what we eat:check out  fish containing mercury, which lists fish most likely and least likely to be contaminated, and the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists of clean and contaminated( with pesticides) fruit and veg( updated 2016). Basically, anything you see on the dirty list, buy organic. After six weeks of eating as close to nature as possible with minimal carbs and sugars I felt much better, and my taste buds were given a new lease of life.

Training my taste buds on good food has enabled me to become acutely sensitive to poor quality food. I can even tell when a brand alters their product: Sainsbury’s has recently changed the packaging of their own brand of cornflakes and, interestingly, the cornflakes seem to have undergone a change, too. The former version tasting very similar to an organic brand of cornflakes I buy: light, crispy and like proper cornflakes; the new variety is thicker, harder to chew and dull in colour. I’m wondering if these have been made with GM corn. (Corn is now on the gm food list.) I sent a message to Sainsbury’s to find out if this is the case and here’s the response I got back:

Dear Sarah
Thanks for your email. I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the recent change to our own branded corn flakes.
We regularly review the recipes of all own brand products, across all ranges and cereals are the most recent set of products to be reviewed. We’re committed to the Government strategy to reduce salt and sugar, to help promote healthy eating.

This is something we’ve been doing for a number of years and after careful consideration, we’ve reduced the amount of sugar and salt in the cereals listed below. This process is completed with the help of a panel of customers and received positive feedback.

I’ve logged your disappointment with this recent change, and I hope our suppliers can take this on board upon their product range reviews.
Thanks again for contacting us. We really do appreciate you taking the time to let us know something’s gone wrong, and we hope to see you shop with us again soon.

Kind regards


You can keep your dodgy cornflakes; I’m buying organic

I asked a very simple question and nowhere in this response have they answered my question: Are your own branded cornflakes genetically modified? I could write back with a little more insistence, but quite frankly I can’t be bothered. I just won’t buy the product anymore. I was glad that Kai was able to notice the difference in the cornflakes as well. His taste buds, like mine, have been trained not just on better quality cornflakes but good food as a whole. We’re not loaded, but I do tend to cook from scratch at least 4 times a week. And much of the veg we eat is organic. My local market has an organic veg stall which is quite reasonable: potatoes tend to be cheaper than Morrison’s non-organic potatoes, strange.

It’s so important that children learn to differentiate between good and bad quality. In fact, all they really need to be trained to know is the good, the rest will take care of itself. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that they should never eat chicken and chips; my son loves this stuff. But the main portion of their diet should be good wholesome food. 🙂

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Tip: If you are worried about chlorine levels in your bath water, try adding some lemon juice. ( I usually cut a piece of lemon, squeeze a little in and drop the lemon slice in the bath.) Lemon juice naturally neutralises chlorine.


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