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Motherhood: My life purpose

So much potential When I was young was often told that I was bright. I didn’t really see much in it at the time; I wasn’t exceptional in any way, as far as I could see, but I did talk … Continue reading

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All children deserve a specialised curriculum

Home-ed  children benefit from their own personalised curriculum One of the great advantages of home-ed is seeing how your children learn: what stimulates them and what doesn’t. Having them around you 24-7 enables you to adapt their learning methods to … Continue reading

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Dealing with different educational preferences within home-ed

How you home-educate your child is down to you Everyone has their own reasons for home-educating. Some people dislike the structure and authoritarian nature of the school system; some children have endured bullying; some people just want the pleasure of … Continue reading

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Enjoying the freedom of home-ed

Re-adjusting to life without school The first few weeks of home-ed can be truly blissful. Free from the constraints of the school system, your time is now your own. Instead of the classroom, you can take a trip to the … Continue reading

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Goodbye School

Why do things never go as planned? Kai and I finally agreed that Monday 27th February would be his last day school. The plan was that he would go in for the day just to say goodbye. After realising he … Continue reading

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