Goodbye School

Why do things never go as planned?


Kai and I finally agreed that Monday 27th February would be his last day school. The plan was that he would go in for the day just to say goodbye. After realising he hadn’t done his homework, panic set in and he refused to go to school. We walked down the road to school together for the last time, Kai protesting the whole way; he was adamant that he would not be going in to face punishment for not doing his home-work on his last day.

Reclaiming our time

Once we handed in the deregistration letter to the reception we decided to go home. Kai didn’t want to stay, and that was fine by me.
I was happy to have given my son back time that would otherwise have been wasted in the classroom. We went home and got busy: we played on the piano together (something we haven’t done in a while), played pokémon and even drew up some home-ed ground rules-I felt we needed these; we went to the park, attempted some maths puzzles and made a dagger…

It feels really good to have given my son back his time and to watch him use it so creatively.

Note to self

Once again, I have to trust that everything will flow and look at what worked for us in the past. I must remember to find a balance between Kai’s needs and my own; as much as I talked about this last year, I didn’t really do it and ended up getting very stressed after about 6 months. This time round I’m very aware of the importance of tending to my own needs as a priority.

Next steps…

The next immediate step is to re-establish links within the home-ed community: we have checked out some of our old groups and activities both on and offline. When Kai was at home previously we immersed ourselves within the home-ed community quite quickly and this worked well for us. Making friends and being connected with others is a priority for us at this time. But Just as important, is making sure that we allow ourselves the time to relax into home-ed and forget school routines and practices.


About SJ

A mother, writer and free-spirited home-educator with a passion for challenging the norm.
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