Coping without the structure of school

A quickie post…

We’ve been out of school (this time round) for four weeks and it’s been great when everything’s going great, but not so great on down days. One of the biggest challenges for me has been adjusting to our new and very unstructured lifestyle, and trying to have a broader view of my son’s learning. But I’ve been here before; in Finding Our Way I talk about the same issues. Moving away from the structure of the school system isn’t as easy as it sounds (even the second time round), not for me anyway. For Kai it’s a breeze; he just gets on with what he loves to do.


lego ship

Accept that it’s okay to play with Lego–all day!


lego rifle

…and another gun

For much of this week Kai has concentrated on building new creations. What he does isn’t play but really serious work. He’s creations are becoming increasingly more complex and therefore require more time and effort. He’s spending a huge amount of time on YouTube and I sometimes struggle with this. I monitor what he’s watching and so it’s okay, she say’s; I still moan and tell him that he needs to be doing other things as well( writing, drawing , piano, etc). I completely forget that I’m meant to be allowing us both time to move away from the school system.

Time away from the academic stuff is probably a good thing

Having a complete break from doing anything remotely ‘schoolish’ is great for helping us to establish our own routine and get out of ‘school mode.’We find going out and about works well for us. Kai learns a great deal by being out-and-about; it gives him inspiration for his Lego creations and feeds his amazing storehouse of a memory. I also find that being out is crucial to help with the intensity of the relationship, which can sometimes feel claustrophobic. I love my son but it does take some mental re-adjusting to having him around nearly all the time. While we’re out we’re generally quite happy and that’s all that matters.:)

large lego Big Ben

Finding inspiration In the Lego store Leicester Square






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