Monopoly Run

Get a map of London and challenge yourself to visit all the places on the Monopoly board! Great if you like being out and about.

Ideas come from everywhere

One of the ways we have found to combine our mutual love of London and monopoly is by visiting all the places on the monopoly board–a great way to get to know London better and have some great days out.

We started with the yellow group, Coventry Street, Piccadilly and Leicester Square

street name coventry streetpiccadilly circusstreet name leicester square

Apart from having a really great day in London, Kai and I are beginning to really get to know the city quite well; I had no idea just how much of London there is.

While travel of any kind is beneficial, one of the real benefits of using the monopoly board is being able to bring the places on the board to life. It is also more likely that we will remember the destinations we visit as many of the routes we use interlink, and so we are going over them again and again. This I hope will solidify the routes in our minds and thereby help us to form a mental map of London.

How we do it

We generally aim to do one colour block a time, if they’re not too far apart. So for example, the Pink block which consists of Northumberland Avenue, Great Marlborough street and Whitehall was pretty straightforward, as they’re fairly close to each other (all around Trafalgar square).

road sing northumberlandavenueroad sign: whitehallroad sign: pall mall

We caught the 25 bus to high Holborn and then caught a 91 to Trafalgar square (a route master–the ones you can get on at both ends).We often catch the 25 bus into central London and get off at a convenient point for our first stop and either walk the rest of the way or get another bus, depending on the distance; however last week we walked from High Holborn to the Angel Islington to do the blue block (about 2 miles). For our efforts we came across a real gem of a second hand shop and got some serious bargains.

The chemistry set and oil painting above only cost £2.00( all I had in my purse)–amazing value, even with a piece missing from the set. So all credit to Fara Desinger and Vintage charity shop in the Angel.

Our next stop will be Old Kent road but this won’t be for a few weeks as we will be away on a working holiday. I will post details of this( depending on internet availability).



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