What’s the best way to educate your child? Send them to school, home-educate or perhaps a combination of the two. This is a blog about a mother and a son’s journey to find out.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m on a personal quest to discover the best way to educate my son. In 2015 I removed my son, Kai, from school after questioning the suitability of a state education for him. I made a decision to create my own path; to follow my heart and honour my dreams. This often means I have to get off the beaten track and forge my own way. It’s scary, sometimes, and people won’t always agree with my methods, but that’s ok. Each time I challenge myself to do something that terrifies me I grow exponentially and can help even more people.

The early posts on this blog journal our home-ed experiences and include the process of deregistration ( removing a child from the school system), deschooling ( removing the school system from you and your child), money matters, home-educating as a single parent, along with the liberating yet sometimes hair-raising  experience of educating your child, your way. Kai is now back at school but our educational journey still continues. Here are some topics you can expect to see discussed:

  • Parenting: an area I’ve struggled with raising a boy as a single parent, but every so often nuggets of wisdom come to me …
  • Health and wellbeing: looking after yourself whether it’s home-ed or school
  • Spirituality: how does the mode of education impact on spiritual development
  • Money: how money impacts our decisions on education
  • Personal development: finding time to fulfill your own dreams while helping your child reach theirs

A little background

While at infant school my son regularly complained of being bored, and became very unhappy listless. I tried flexi-schooling( part-time schooling). I think I came across the term in Terry Dowty’s book: Free-range education, and thought if this parent can do it, so can I. Flexi-schooling is a great way to add more balance to you and your child/rens lives: you get the best of both worlds, if it works. Kai had most Fridays off from year 2 (age 7) right up to year 5( age 10). Those “ home-school” days were our special days and we will treasure them forever.

I eventually felt that one day a week at home wasn’t enough. I still felt constrained by the school system: new rules concerning taking your child out of school during term time made school feel more oppressive than ever. I also felt that five years in the school system had not really benefited my son that much to warrant a continued sacrifice of 26 hours a week of his time (32 if he went full-time) and decided to take the plunge and pull him out altogether.


Home-educating was a fantastic experience and one that I am so glad that I threw myself into. We went to Paris, took bike rides along the canal, became woofers; and took advantage of a number of opportunities that came up in our home-ed groups, such as going to watch the hockey for free. But please do not be under any illusion that it was easy. Home-educating for two healthy parents is hard work, but as a single parent it draws on everything you have and more. Kai returned to school on 9th October 2016. The reasons for this are discussed in the post Back to school, Maybe. However, the spirit of home-education has remained with us and is one of the reasons why I have decided to continue with this blog.

It is my goal to share my experiences and thoughts; to inspire others to consider alternatives to the norm; to promote discussion and to be a positive light in the world. I very much hope that the material contained in this blog enriches your life in some way.