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Monopoly Run

Get a map of London and challenge yourself to visit all the places on the Monopoly board! Great if you like being out and about. Ideas come from everywhere One of the ways we have found to combine our mutual … Continue reading

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All children deserve a specialised curriculum

Home-ed  children benefit from their own personalised curriculum One of the great advantages of home-ed is seeing how your children learn: what stimulates them and what doesn’t. Having them around you 24-7 enables you to adapt their learning methods to … Continue reading

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Dealing with different educational preferences within home-ed

How you home-educate your child is down to you Everyone has their own reasons for home-educating. Some people dislike the structure and authoritarian nature of the school system; some children have endured bullying; some people just want the pleasure of … Continue reading

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Enjoying the freedom of home-ed

Re-adjusting to life without school The first few weeks of home-ed can be truly blissful. Free from the constraints of the school system, your time is now your own. Instead of the classroom, you can take a trip to the … Continue reading

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Learning to Trust the Path

Faith Shortly before we began our home-ed journey, I went out and bought some folders, notebooks and art materials. I also purchased a spelling book and a Kumon division book. (I had intended to follow the approach laid out in … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

Another activity gets ditched Just when I thought that we were beginning to develop a routine, Kai says that he no longer wishes to attend Jodo classes. We’ve only recently started attending but I really enjoyed chatting with the other mums, … Continue reading

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Autonomous Learning Continues

Back to normality In the aftermath of our autonomous living experiment I felt that a more structured approach was necessary to Kai’s learning, but when Monday arrived I realised that it wouldn’t work. And so I resumed the ‘play it … Continue reading

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