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The pros and cons of a working holiday

My recent posts about working holidays have inspired others to do the same, which is great. But there are a number of things that need to be considered before jumping in; although jumping in is always a great way to … Continue reading

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Motherhood: My life purpose

So much potential When I was young was often told that I was bright. I didn’t really see much in it at the time; I wasn’t exceptional in any way, as far as I could see, but I did talk … Continue reading

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Learning From Others, The Good and the Bad (Part 2)

But what about the dangers of exposing a highly receptive child to those who hold different and controversial beliefs. Please see my earlier post on this topic: Learning From Others, The Good and The Bad (Part 1) I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Happy!

  40 Things that make me happy( not really in order): Feeling particularly crap one day I decided to write down a list of a all the things that make me feel good. I figured that if I could find … Continue reading

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Good Old Fashioned Play

  Kai’s interest in birds has blossomed into a deep fascination, with not only birds but nature in general. As a result we tend to go out more to woodland areas and parks. We have found a beautiful wildlife haven … Continue reading

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A Difficult Week

Why does everything have to be a battle? Home-educating and single parenting is definitely beginning to take its toll. I’m increasingly telling Kai off for being cheeky and frequently losing my temper. It’s the little niggly things that are putting … Continue reading

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