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Refusing to tread the well-trodden path

Secondary school: should we or shouldn’t we? It’s that time of year when many children in year 6(aged 10-11) are preparing for SATS and have recently found out which secondary schools they have been offered places at. I applied for … Continue reading

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Was Going Back to School a Mistake?

School’s not so great after all It hasn’t taken long for the novelty of being back at school to wear off and the reality of boring work and uninspiring teachers to resurface. I think Kai managed a week before he … Continue reading

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Back in the School System

  Easy peasy I think it was the first week in September that both Kai and decided that a return to school would be for the best. I had no idea how to apply, but after a quick search on … Continue reading

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Back to School, Maybe

  Mummy, I want to go back to School For a little while the possibility of a  return to school has cropped up, but Kai hasn’t really expressed a strong desire to return and we have left it at that. However, … Continue reading

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Autonomous Learning and Boundary Setting

“A child free to play and enjoy themselves soon finds his passion.” SJ Hutson In addition to having the freedom to choose what to do, shouldn’t autonomous learners also be responsible for setting their own boundaries? Kai is happily enjoying … Continue reading

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Last Few Days At School!

Tomorrow will be Kai’s last day at school and the beginning of our home-school journey; though it really feels like we have started already. His teacher asked me today if I was still going through with it, which seemed a … Continue reading

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